Epipremnum (also known as Scindapsus) is commonly used in commercial interiors as a vining ground cover or as a cascading accent plant, often in a hanging basket.

Its heart-shaped, leathery leaves look somewhat like the heart-leaf philodendron’s. The species is irregularly marbled yellow, with better color in good light. E. Aureum Marble Queen is more heavily mottled with white and gray-gree.

Pinch back stem tips occasionally to promote branching. Cut back old runners or vines when they get leggy or loop themover the pot and root them near the ends.

Light: Provide at least moderate light, but no direct sunlight.

Water: Keep evenly moist. Water thoroughly and discard drainage.

Humidity: Average indoor humidity levels.

Temperatures: 50º to 55º F at night, 60º to 65º F during the day.

Fertilization: Fertilize lightly throughout the growing season.

Propagation: Take stem cuttings at any time.

Grooming: Pick off yellowed leaves. Keep to desired height and shape by pinching back stem tips or with light pruning or clipping at any time.

Repotting: Repot at any time.

Problems: Poor drainage, too frequent watering, or standing in water cause root rot. Will get spindly and weak if light is too low.

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