Anthuriums are among the best-known tropical flowers.

Blossoms are long lasting and often used in weddings on Hawaii and other Pacific islands. They are popular in cut flower arrangements around the world. The red or orange portion of the bloom is actually a bract (modified leaf), the tiny flowers appear on the spike, or spadix.

Most anthuriums are large. Keep anthuriums in humid air and fertilize them well when they are growing actively.

Light: Provide at least 4 hours of curtain-filtered sunlight from a bright south, east, or west window.

Water: Keep evenly moist. Water thoroughly and discard drainage. Humidity: Requires moist air.

Temperatures: 55º to 60º Fat night, 70º to 75º F during the day.

Fertilization: Fertilize lightly throughout the growing season.

Propagation: Remove plantlets or rooted side shoots as they form.

Grooming: Mound up soil as high crowns for. Remove aerial roots.

Repotting: Leave room at the top to mound up soil as the crown develops. Repot infrequently.

Problems: In a draft or dry air. Leaves will scorch. WIll not bloom if light is too low.





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