Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen, which can grow to 2 feet, is a favorite indoors because it tolerates a wide range of conditions, including poor light and dry air. Its oblong, lance-shaped leaves are 6 to 9 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. The leaves can be anything from entirely green to heavily marbled with silver, pink and white. Creamy, waxy flowers like calla lilies bloom in late summer and early fall. Tight clusters of 1-inch-long, yellowish red berries follow the flowers. Growth slows during winter.

Light: Will survive in low (reading level) light. Never place a plant in direct sunlight.

Water: Keep evenly moist (somewhat drier in winter). Water thoroughly and discard drainage.

Humidity: Average indoor humidity levels. Temperatures: 55º to 60º F at night, 70º to 75º F during the day.

Fertilization: Fertilize all year, more heavily in summer.

Propagation: Take root divisions or stem cuttings in spring and summer. Seeds are available, but can be more difficult than divisions and cuttings.

Grooming: Remove yellowed leaves.

Repotting: Report at any time. Blossoms best when pot bound.

Problems: Leaf edges will turn brown if the level of soluble salts is too high or if the plant is in a draft or dry air.





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