Peperomia is an extremely varied genus. It offers an astonishing variety of leaf forms, colors, and growth habits.

Most peperomias are easy-to-grow, small plants ideally suited to windowsills and plant shelves. Under good conditions, they produce curious, if not necessarily striking, creamy white blooms the shape of mouse tails.

Light: Place in a bright, indirectly lit south, east, or west window

Water: Let the plant dry slightly before watering, then water thoroughly and discard drainage.

Humidity: Requires moist air. Use a humidifier for best results.

Temperatures: 55° to 60° F at night, 70° to 75° F during the day.

Fertilization: Fertilize lightly throughout the growing season.

Propagation: Divide, or grow from stem cuttings. Many peperomias with thick leaves will also grow from leaf cuttings.

Grooming: Pick off yellowed leaves. Prune or pinch upright and trailing kinds as needed.

Repotting: Repot as needed.

Problems: Subject to crown rot in overly moist conditions. Will get spindly and weak if light is too low.





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