The striking foliage of the alocasia is arrow-shaped, often with lobed or wavy edges.

Most varieties have shiny leaves, and some have a silvery overlay on much or part of the leaf. They grow from tubers, each producing a half dozen or so large leaves. Juvenile forms of alocasia are often quite small, but adult plants can reach 4 feet in height.

Light: Place in a bright, indirectly lit south, east or west window.
Water: Water thoroughly, but allow it to dry between watering.
Humidity: Requires moist air. Use a humidifier for best results.
Temperatures: 65º to 70º F at night, 75º to 80º F during the day.
Fertilization: Fertilize lightly throughout the growing season.
Propagation: Divide in spring.
Grooming: Pick of yellowed leaves.
Repotting: Repot infrequently
Problems: Subject to crown rot in overly moist conditions.




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